Berwick Law

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It's this big hill at the back of the town. You may just be able to make it out (it takes up the top half the picture).

A view from the top

It makes an excellent viewing platform for the surrounding area - the panoramic view was taken from the top.

Click here for more of the panoramic view

(but not before you've looked at the rest of the pictures below).

Jaw Jaw - Gibber Gibber

Naturally, because it's big and it's there, it has a magnetic draw on idiots, fools and jokers. Someone once had the idea of putting the jawbones of a whale on the top. I think it was meant to be a joke, but several centuries on, the joke's stuck and it's taken a bit too seriously ... (och aye, culture, whur's ma kilt ? whur's ma wee dram ? whur's ma grannie's heelan hame ?) I don't know what'll happen when the current set (about 100 years old) finally rot away. I guess we'll just have to put up with fibreglass, concrete, carbon fibre, plastic or compressed seagull droppings.

The small boy inside the railings is my son. The railings are there to keep small boys out. I guess I'm just a lousy parent. He'll grow up delinquant. Mea culpa.

... them Dry Bones ...

Here (especially for the anoraks) is a closer view of the surface of the whalebone. It's pourous and putted. The yellow is lichen and moss. The blue is the sky. I'm particularly smug about this picture because of the blue.

The Iron Age Hill Fort

There used to be an iron-age hill fort on the law. One day, I'll find out more about it and write more here, because I actually find it really interesting. Maybe I'll research some neolithic stuff too.

Other Peoples' Laws

This is Traprain Law, about 10 miles south of Berwick Law. There was once a fortress and a town up there. It must have been a bleak existance up there in the winter. Life at ground level must have been pretty scary to force our ancestors to live that way.

There's an old disused quarry in the corner. Someone's had the stupid idea of carving the faces of various "scottish heroes" in the face of the quarry as a "tourist attraction" (dead white males, now why doesn't that surprise me ?). Maybe we could build a funicular up the side and a Happy Eater at the top. Nothing like trampling on our history for a few bucks. "MacHaggis burger and fries twice, please, with a drambuie shake and a plastic William Wallace key ring, but hold the relish" ... Aaarrrgghhh.

This is a view from the top of traprain law. I only included it because I like the photo. It's my homepage and I'll indulge myself if I want to. And I want to, so I shall.

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