Here are some pictures of gannets that I took on a recent trip around the Bass Rock. The latin name for the gannet is "Sula Bassina" and is named after the colony on the Bass. In fact the boat that I took these photos from is called Sula.

Gannets nest on the narrow ledges and their eggs are very pear-shaped so that they don't roll off into the sea.

They catch fish by circling around high up in the sky and then folding their wings back and transforming into a dart. They hit the water at speeds of up to 60mph and have special physical features to prevent the impact from causing any damage. It's a really spectacular sight. When you look up from the boat you can see a multitude of crosses wheeling around above your head. The din is tremendous, and the smell of guano is very strong.

Here's one I caught earlier ...

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