On The Beach

North Berwick has two beaches lying to the east and west of the Harbour respectively. These are described as "semi-rural", which means that they aren't full of ice-cream vendors and deckchair attendants, but are very accessible from the town. I grew up here, and spent a large slice of each summer on the beach, so it's a good feeling to bring my own family here.

The beach is now hygenic, thanks to a new (award winning) underground sewage works, built under the 18th tee on the east golf course.

From the west bay, it is possible to walk along the beach about three miles to Yellowcraig. You have a good view of Craigleith from the West beach and a view of the Bass Rock from the East.

One of my favourite pastimes during the summer is to take the children down onto the beach (as an excuse) and build sandcastles. When I've got time, I'm going to add a Sandcastle Building tutorial section for all mums, dads, uncles and aunties who fancy building something slightly more exotic that a cone with a sandpie on the top.

Here's one I prepared earlier ....


The Path of a Man of Knowledge

Oh - yes, I nearly forgot, North Berwick's got 2.5 golf courses. I'm not a golfer myself, but fortunately, someone else from the town has compiled a fine page about golfing at North Berwick, so if you want to know more ask him.